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Paint & Gelcoat Restoration

If your boat's surface has lost its original shine, let us bring your paint back to life and look the best it can be. No matter if your boat is painted or gel coated, we have the knowledge to get the most out of your boat's painted or gel coated surfaces.  Depending on the condition, most boats can often be returned to a like-new shine by our trained team of professionals.  No miracles here, just a systematic approach that guarantees the best results for your boat. 

*Not all boats can be restored. We use a state-of-the-art glossmeter to get an accurate measurement of how much gloss is present on the boat. Upon reviewing the results, we can determine how many steps of buffing will be needed to restore the boat to its original shine.  

Before & After Results
The difference can be night and day!
Oh ship, looking glossy! 
Boat Polishing

Paint & Gelcoat Restoration includes:

  • On-site analysis of the extent of oxidation

  • Surface cleaned to remove old wax and contaminants on boat

  • Rotary buffer application of the custom-selected compounding material

  • DA polisher application of the custom-selected polishing material

  • Machine-applied custom-selected wax or polymer sealant

To revive the finish, our paint & gelcoat restoration system begins with surface cleaning to remove old wax and contaminants. Next, a compounding material, appropriate for the surface damage, is applied and worked-in using a rotary buffer and cutting pad. Next, to refine the surface we use a DA polisher to restore the paint to a mirror like shine. Finally, a new coat of professional quality wax or polymer sealant is applied to help prevent future oxidization from forming on the surface. 

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