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How To Wax Your Boat Like A Pro

How to wax your boat and get professional results as a DIYer with tips from the boat detailing professionals at Aqua Navis LLC

Boat Detailing Wisconsin

Waxing a boat is an essential maintenance task that is key to protecting the boat's exterior from the damaging effects of the elements it faces while out on the water. In this section, I will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to effectively wax your boat:

Please note, properly waxing your boat will be an all-day affair, so plan to block off at least a day to complete this project. Also note that a boat with oxidation present is not in the optimal condition for waxing, it is strongly recommended you remove oxidation first prior to waxing boat.

For this task, we will require a few supplies: bucket, microfiber wash mitt(s), boat soap, microfiber towels, bottle(s) of marine-grade wax.

If you would like to purchase a DIY Kit that includes everything you need to wax your boat click: Boat Waxing Kit With Polisher – Aqua Navis LLC

These are the items included in the kit.

  • (1) Dual action polisher 

  • (1) Foam pad

  • (1) Bottle of marine-grade wax

  • (1) Bottle of marine-grade soap

  • (2) Microfiber wash mitts

  • (10) Microfiber towels

This task will also require specific equipment, including a water hose and a dual action polisher with a foam pad for applying wax. While not mandatory, a pressure washer is recommended for optimal results.

Step #1 - Gather Needed Supplies

Prepare your cleaning materials: Gather a bucket, marine-grade soap, microfiber wash mitt, a hose with a spray nozzle or pressure washer, and microfiber towels. Make sure to set aside some microfiber towels beside the polisher as you will need some for later steps.

Step #2 - Rinse The Boat

Note - this step can be done with either a water hose or a pressure washer.

To begin, it is important to thoroughly rinse the boat with water. This step ensures that any loose debris and dirt are effectively removed from the surface. By rinsing the boat, we create a clean and pristine foundation for the rest of the cleaning process.

Step #3 - Scrub The Boat

Start by mixing boat soap and water in a bucket until you achieve a well-balanced, soapy mixture. This will provide the necessary cleaning power to tackle any dirt or grime on the boat's surface. Once the soapy mixture is ready, use a microfiber mitt to scrub the boat. While you can get away with using a single wash mitt, we recommend at least two wash mitts, one for half of the boat and another for the other half.

Step #4 - Rinse And Dry The Boat

Repeat Step # 2 - Rinse The Boat. After rinsing and ensuring there is no soap residue left on the boat, you can move on to drying the boat using high-quality microfiber towels. When drying the boat ensure there is no excess water left on the boat, as any water can hinder achieving optimal results when applying wax to your boat.

Step #5 - Wax Your Boat

Once your boat is clean and dry, it's time to apply the wax. To begin, plug in your polisher and attach your foam pad to the polisher. Once the foam pad has been properly attached, apply a several small dots of wax across the foam pad. Spread it evenly over a small section of the boat's surface. To prevent splattering or excessive product consumption, set your dual action polisher to a low speed. Guide the polisher in overlapping, linear, or circular motions, ensuring that you cover the entire area. As you work, regularly check the pad for any signs of product buildup or excess wax. Replace or clean the pad as needed. Gradually work your way across the entire boat, focusing on one section at a time. As you are waxing the boat, ensure you work the wax until you see a slight haze. Once the haze appears, using a clean and soft microfiber towel, gently buff off the dried wax residue in a circular motion. This will reveal a beautiful, glossy finish that enhances the boat's appearance and provides long-lasting protection against the elements. Once you complete this step you are finally done, you now have a freshly waxed boat!

If you don't want to purchase the needed supplies and equipment, don't worry! The Boat Detailing pros at Aqua Navis LLC can take care of waxing your boat for you.

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If you carefully follow each step, the end result should closely resemble the image that has been provided. It is important to ensure accuracy in every step in order to achieve the desired result. For more useful tips on boat detailing, be sure to follow Aqua Navis LLC. If you are in Wisconsin and would like to use our boat detailing service

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If you would like to purchase an all-in-one kit that has everything (Including Polisher) you need to wax your boat click: Boat Waxing Kit With Polisher – Aqua Navis LLC

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